The Grooming Club is the premiere destination for the Everyday Modern man. Here at The Grooming Club, we do not categorize a man based on his style, possessions, socioeconomic status or profession. To us, being an Everyday Modern Man is all about not adhering to the social norms. The Everyday Modern Man is the father, husband or brother, who is a visionary. He is a man who exudes confidence, embraces life’s challenges and looks onward. He welcomes change and easily adapts without sacrificing his core values. The Everyday Modern man is goal-oriented but deliberate in establishing his own definition of success. The Everyday Modern Man isn’t your average man, he is uniquely different with needs and expectations that aligns with the way he likes to live, think, and look: modern.

Here at the Grooming Club our primary goal is to provide the ultimate grooming experience for the Everyday Modern Man. We will help you to embrace your unique self by providing services that will present a better version of you with each visit. Our exceptional and compassionate staff will provide uncompromising quality and customer service with comfort and ease. At the Grooming Club, servicing the Everyday Modern Man is all that matters.